First post…Who am I?

Hi. Everyone. I am Jon. I was born in 1990. I am male and I want to become a decent bootman in Seattle, WA. I was born in China and I moved to United States after elementary school. Since I was young, I was so passionate about my brother’s dr martens boots and I like to look at men wearing boots, like the motorcop, men who wear knee high rubber boots to work. I clarified myself as a bootboy since I really enjoy living my life with boots everyday.

One response to “First post…Who am I?”

  1. Bootboy- I really like your blog. I’m into harness boots. I have three pairs right now, and I may buy another. I have two black harness boots – one Frye and one Double-H. Another Double- H pair is brown. All of them wear great- comfortable and super sexy. It makes my dick hard just to think about my boots! What size do you use? I like your black harness boots – looks like you spend a lot of time in them. Interested in trade?


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