My first pair of rubber boots

My first pair of rubber boots that I bought for myself is a pair of black rubber boots. They were mid-calf high. The rubber had a weird smell. I bought them from the shoe store closed to my home in Hong Kong. At the date of June 21, 2004. I told the saleswoman that I need a pair of rubber boots for a field trip. I bought them without telling my mum. I thought I could hide it by wearing them under my desk when I was study. I put them in one of the shoeboxes under my desk. I thought my parents wont see I was wearing them. However, my mum could just see that I was wearing them but she just pretended she saw nothing. Thinking back, I really wanted to tell mum how I love them and I should not choose to not telling them. The next day, my mum was happened to have a day off and she was organizing the shoeboxes under my desk and she found out I bought a pair of rubber boots.

I will never forget the scene. We were having dinner, after that, once I went back to my room, I heard my mum was discussing to my father. She was saying, “your son bought a pair of rubber boots, construction worker’s rubber boots”, and my father said “nothing and its fine”. Our household did not discuss about boots again. Maybe it is because we are Chinese and oriental. I thought they are my parents, but I dont hug them and I usually dont discuss my dairy life to them.

I had this pair of rubber boots for awhile. Every time I walked pass the shoe store, I really scared that the saleswoman will come to me and ask about my rubber boots. I was so scared everytime I walked with my mum when we needed to pass the shoe store next to our home. I am afraid that the saleswoman will think my mum has a weird son.

I dont really like them because they had a weird smell, I tried to apply my mum’s fragrance to take over the smell, but it only went worse. I think the reason I bought them is because TV channel had their drama about firefighters rewinded in the afternoon, which made me jealous. I wanted to be like them wearing boots, so I bought them. It took so much courage to buy them in my old time. I think they cost me HK$60.

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