My warrior

The pair of boots that I wear almost everyday to school

4 responses to “My warrior”

  1. Hi Husky

    Your site is absolutely divine! It is amazing to hear your story about how you created a website in HK when you were in your early teens, and collected some three thousand bootmen all over HK to come and worship you in words and pics! But then the present site is, or course, a lot more impressive, being more personal, passionate, and showing the freedom that is allowed you by living in Seattle. Of the many many pairs of boots that you own and show on this site, I am still most impressed by your Frye harness boots. Frye harnesses have always been the sexiest stuff, and capture attention whether in bars, on subways, or just anywhere you go. And the leather is so great, in texture and smell, on the tongue! I have noticed that you still dont have the usual marks on the inner soles … may be they are there now.

    Keep up the good work, and we look forward to more good stuff from you!



  2. I will love that Husky! so hot!!! I would love to be able to sniff them and feel the soft leather! take a shot down the shaft for me!


    • Hi Dan,
      I Sure Will! Thank you for your comment. I love it. I will sure post more pics of them. They are really nice and comfortable boots. They’re really my warrior. 🙂


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