Rubber boots influence…

I always think the men wearing knee high black rubber boots are so handsome. I like to look at men wearing them in daily basis to work. I started to look at the windows around 5:30 pm. There was a construction site across from our home. I could just see a lot of men wearing rubber boots when mud all over the shaft. They are so hot! I think. So everyday around 5:30 pm, while they are changing clothes and go home, I will tell my mum that my eyes need to rest and I want to look down the street. And where he is, he was taking off his tall rubber boots after a long day of work. I really like that feeling, your feet got toasted from wearing boots. This is just the hottest thing in the world. I saw them holding his boots and put them next to the site. So everyday I passed by, I will look for his boots or look at him wearing his boots.

Sometimes I would see them taking breaks. And they will take off their rubber boots, sitting on the ground and showing their black/ dark purple socks. So hot! It is a pleasant job that you can just wearing boots everyday for work. I was innocent to think that I will find a part time job that work in the site so I could wear boots everyday when I grow up.

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