When I was in the bus, saw a guy walking to his car and he was wearing a black cowboy boots trucked into his dress pants with slim black jacket. He dressed in a very fashionable way. Then I saw a short guy wearing a pair of brown boots under his pants in campus after the first period. I just realized that I become a “bootdar”, just like is “radar” and “gaydar”. I am a bootman detection system. I am kind of creepy in a way. Although I did not want to walk the way he was walking, I kept following him. There is nothing to jealous of since I was wearing my 12 inches Frye harness boots. But his heel sound was so loud and I wanted see how tall are they and what brand are they. They are made of brown leather, leather sole. I could see they were about talk as 14 inches Campus boots but they dont have the stacked heel. I just love the way that you can see how tall of the shaft when he walks. You just dont really sure about how tall are they, but you know they look astonishing handsome. It makes me have fantasy about other guys checking my boots when I walk. But I do he was looking at my boots when he was opening the door. I could see that his eye was staring at them. From the way he dressed up, I bet he is not a teacher, he might be a professor.

2 responses to “Bootdar”

  1. This is EXACTLY what I love to do and what turns me on the most – trying to figure out the height of shafts! That’s why I prefer people wearing their boots under pants.


    • hey are you the guy who just got a pair of your frye jesse campus boots from zappos? i want to see more photos from you. and would you like to become a contributor of this blog so you can post something on here too?


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