Boot Sight on CAMPUS!

Was working in Electrical Engineering Building after class. Spotted a guy wearing serious knee high boots, wearing leather jackets, stretch jeans. And he was leaving the building so I packed my stuffs quickly and STALKING him. Luckily, he was walking to his motorcycles and there was me and him in that area. So I took my gut and said “excuse me, sir”. He looked back at me in his sunglasses. Then I asked him “where did you get your boots?”. He said he got them at ebay few months ago and “everything’s from ebay now”. He has black hair, wearing scarf, black leather jacket, skinny jeans, and knee high boots. He is the second MAN I see in campus wearing tall boots outside jeans as a student. He was very nice to tell me more about his boots. They are size 10 1/2. He bought them off from ebay for $200. He told me if I want a pair myself, I should search vintage motorcycles boots on ebay. He even told me where to get vintage boots around campus, it is a store called Insurrection, near Greenwood. I asked him if he has other pairs and he said he has couple pairs but he didnt tell me more. At the end, I got his facebook. Today I found out he is 3X years old already. Would I be that old to have courage enough to wear tall boots? I mean when I was stalking him, a guy stared to his boots for a second once he passed him.

You made my day. Thanks, Chris!

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