Got a free pair of boots!

I ordered a pair of thigh high boots from in March. I did not really plan to keep them and was thinking about send them back after a month or two since it is free return shipping. I did not really want to keep them because they are low quality boots from my point of view and I don’t think I will wear them much. They are made of pig leather, clean simple design. With low heels and cheap soles and poor construction for comfort. Well, I guess the reason is because it is made for costume use. So I sent it back to them via ups. I was simply stick the return shipping label over the old shipping label. It did ship to shoebuy office and it showed up on the tracker online. However, there was an exception and they had  to track the boots down. I was worrying about they won’t pay me back. Luckily, the exception is actually because the return shipping label has fallen off and UPS just re-shipped the boots to me. Shoebuy and UPS did an investigation and they did not find out they reshipped them to me. As a result, when I emailed the customer service today and they replied me that they will do a full refund for me. With some extra money from cashback! I am lucky and now I can have them for free and have some extra money to buy other pairs. 🙂

Information of the boots:

Men’s Demonia Maverick 8824

Product Description (Men’s Demonia Maverick 8824)

Fantastic boots featuring a pig leather upper, round toe and fold down shaft.

Heel Height: 1 1/2″


Fit: True to Size

I will post some photos once I have time to do it.

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