My first pair of new rubber riding boots

It was really nice day! So I decided go to a local park and wearing my smokin’ hot knee high rubber riding boots with my pants under them. I wore them for 3 hours directly under the sun, and I slept awhile in them. After I pulled them off and I put my hands into the shaft, I could feel the heat from my body and my sweat. My pants and my socks are slightly wet. I Fucking got a hard on. They have made my day. They are Derby rubber riding boots, size 9/10.

Here are the photos 🙂

3 responses to “My first pair of new rubber riding boots”

  1. I also wear rubber riding boots, sometimes tucked in my pants sometimes over my pants. I have three pairs, Cottage Craft, Derby, and a PVC brand of rubber riding boots. I get a few comments from folks that they like my boots,others think that I’m going horse riding. Don’t really care, I just love wearing them when I go for walks.


  2. hello there, big time here, watching your pics, very nice, i do i m a fetish guy, living in south america



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