Big win on Poker Night

My buddies and I get together once a month and play some poker and have a great time, but last night was really different. Eight of us got together at my place and were playing for a while when I decided to pull off my black sharkskin boots and enjoy the nice leather aroma from them. Soon after that the guys started teasing me about foot odor, but I think they were more like jealous because my one friend picked up one of my boots and felt it a little and said it was cool. My boot got passed around to a couple of the other guys who also admired it and teased me plenty. All of these guys touching my boots was of course a little exciting. I finally got it back and we went on playing poker.
About an hour or so later I went to the bathroom and when I came out my one bud had put my sharkskin boots on his feet. At first I pretended not to notice and then the guys started laughing about it. I took advantage of the opportunity and found my friend’s brown suede Durangos and put them on my feet and told him that two can play this game. He didn’t seem to mind, but I was sure enjoying them because they were a good fit on my feet.
We went on playing until I was almost out of money. I got dealt a pair of sevens playing Texas Holdem and the flop also had a pair of sevens. I put my last $17 in the pot and my bud who was still wearing my boots asked me how good my hand was. I told him it was good enough to put the rest of my money in the pot. He said well how about making it a little more interesting. I asked him what he meant. He said that he would bet his brown suede Durango cowboy boots if I would bet my black sharkskins. I hesitated for a little bit and thought I’ve got four sevens and that has to be the best hand. So I said OK and we turned over the card and dealt two more up and my four of a kind beat his full house. I went over and pulled my boots off his feet and said thanks for the new pair of boots. I let him wear an old pair of my sneakers home. I wish I had a camera so I could post the pic on here.
He was so pissed because he thought he had won my boots with his hand. He was talkin trash to me after he had put my sharkskins on thinking I would be jealous, but I was enjoyin the soft leather of his own cowboy boots on my feet. After I won I decided to be all cocky right back to him plus it was a perfect chance to pull my sharkskins off of his sweaty feet. When I pulled them off that’s when I noticed how boned he was!! He even put up a good fight as I was trying to pull them off! He was getting me so excited and I caught him noticing my own bulge. I wasn’t sure how to handle it from here, but I like your idea of inviting him over alone. I didn’t say anything else to him that night in front of the other guys. Any ideas on how I could get him to come back without being too over the top?
If you are ever in Ohio you can join our poker game anytime, but make sure you bring a pair of your hot boots for me to slip into and then win from you later!!!
I can understand having a bad experience because one time that I swapped with another dude, I sent him my pair of Cordovan colored Frye cowboy boots while he sent me a pair of brown Justins. After he got them he started e-mailing me and teasing me about how he was abusing them and getting them all stained. I was afraid of what they would look like when he sent them back to me and when I got them back I was right. He had left many stains on the inside and even on the outside of my beautiful boots. The stains had already hardened and when I tried to pull it off in some places, it left the spots a lighter color. That really pissed me off that someone could disrespect boots in that way. For myself I have just the black sharkskins and brown distressed leather Durangos that I just won from my friend. Trust me that I would take good care of any pair of boots that you would send my way because I have been hurt before. My boots are size 12 and I could probably squeeze into one of your 11’s.
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