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Posted by Bill on February 26, 2005 at 15:12:09:
Hi fellow bootmen,
About a year and a half ago, Cabela’s built a big new store at Hamburg, PA. The first time my wife and I were there we each joined the Cabela’s Club, and each received our own Cabela’s Visa card.
Periodically we each receive a card worth around $30.00 if we take it to the store. Whenever this happens, we travel the 25 miles to participate in the venture. Having heard so much about Carhart jeans here, I decided that is what I would get. By using the Cabela’s Visa card I can also build up points. So here’s the situation. I had a voucher for $30.00 and the jeans were $39.95. I used the voucher and then put $9.95 to it from my points.
While washing my hands at the first bowl in the restroom, a fellow came to the paper towel dispenser next to where I was washing. He was wearing a beautiful pair of pointed cowboy. I told him that he had a beautiful pair of boots. He seemed to get rather excited and said, “Why thank you, thank you very much. They are Tony Lama Briars”. And with that he was gone.
After we completed our transactions at Cabela’s, we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Much to my surprise looking over one of the counters was the fellow with the Tony Lama boots. So we talked a little more. I told him I had a boot collection and he asked me which pair was my best. I replied my Lucchese horned back alligator. I also showed him the my Wesco western toe boots with the 18″ shafts.
There was another booted fellow tht I saw at both Cabela’s and The Cracker Barrel, but I didn’t get a chance to talk with mim.
For taller and better boots,
Posted by JBOOTS on February 26, 2005 at 15:52:11:
Many men post positive experiences here regarding complimenting a man on the boots he is wearing. I wonder if anyone ever complimented a man on the boots he was *not* wearing, but that were obviously in his posession?
Last night, while I was getting dressed in the locker room at my gym after working out, a guy nearby was changing into his gym clothes, and I noticed a pair of dirty cowboy boots in his locker. That fact that they were dirty got my attention, and held it.
There was another guy nearby also getting dressed, and the dude with the dirty boots commented on the tight quarters, i.e. three of us trying to change clothes in a limited amount of space. I suspected there was some anxiety on his part about the three of us men, strangers to one another, getting dressed and undressed in such close proximity.
I took that as not a good time to compliment him on his boots.
Actually, I was more interested in how he got them dirty, than in the brand.
I Actually don’t think it would have hurt to ask him how he got his boots so dirty.
I was in a store getting chew the other night an it was crowded I noticed a young good looking guy around 21 in lacrosse burly boots. I was wearing mine an started a conversation about his boots and how I have quite a few pairs my self. He agreed with me about how hard it is to find good quality rubber boots any more. He liked his brand and wasn’t scared to talk a while about them. I know I’ll see this guy again and I know I’ll start talking with him.
Dosen’t hurt to talk to other you don’t know sometimes about boots dose it? I just be my self. Besides from what I have seen guys love talking about their boots when you notice them.

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