Boots and dress attire

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Currently, I work in a casual blue collar job doing shipping & receiving and wear boots everyday, all the time.
I start a new job in a few weeks doing customer service in an office environment.
I’m pretty sure I will have to wear casual or dress slacks (no jeans) and a collared shirt, hopefully not a dress shirt.
What boots would look acceptable with business casual attire or even with shirt and tie?
I have black boss and highliners, both 20", 10" black chippewa loggers, and 8" black dehners. Which of these could I wear with
I prefer not to wear dress boots, but will buy a pair if I need to.
I usually wear my wescos and chippewas mostly.
I dont have any dress shoes and prefer not to wear them.
All feedback appreciated….thanks.

I work in customer service and Harness boots are usually accepted just fine. They are fashionable with style. In fact, we don’t have any such foot rules at my place of business. They can be particular about clothes, but no boot rules. Just wish a couple of the hot guys I work with wore boots more often.


Hope they don’t make you wear a tie (the most useless article of clothing ever invented) but if you do have to wear slacks, try cowboy boots, they look good with anything. I’ve seen a few men who have to dress up wearing ropers, they also look pretty sharp

I’d say ANY pair of boots!

I frequently wear dress slacks and white shirt with tie, to work and elsewhere several times a week, although casual is acceptable at work too.

I wear combat boots, "Dehner" patrol boots, Chippewa high-shine engineer boots, RW 16" lineman boots, cowboy boots, whatever, whether in jeans, fatigues (although I don’t wear cowboy boots with fatigue pants), or dress slacks with white shirt and tie.

As long as the boots are reasonably cleaned, preferably shined, I don’t think anyone is going to ob ject!


I say you should definitely wear cowboy boots. You don’t have have to wear some flashy exotic boots. Just maybe some nice new black cowboy boots. You could also go with brown or tan but black usually goes with any color dress pants really well.

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  1. Ropers are good because they seem to satisfy employers who might balk at other styles. Added benefit is that they smell great at the end of the when they come off (at least the brands I’ve bought have).


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