Boots at Disney World

A couple weeks ago I read a message from a guy wanting to know if he should wear boots at Disney World. Well, I just returned from there and saw several guys in boots. One guy had on a pair of beautiful engineer boots!!! Saw him coming towards me and waited in anticipation as he neared!!! Suddenly a group cut him off from my sight and he was lost in the crowd. My heart sank. Guess you can wear boots all day and have happy feet!!!!
Since I live in the whOrlando area, and have visited ALL the parks on many occasions, I wouldn’t recommend wearing boots ALL day long while tramping through the concrete jungle of WDW…..I wear boots every day myself, and have done that mistake a couple times, but now I believe in my Reeboks for this outlining…..Of course you will see the occasional person in some kind of boots, but due to the heat, waiting in sometimes very long lines to see an attraction or a ride, like the die hard “redneck” that I am, I have succumbed to Pole (t-shirt), shorts, and reeboks, as besides NO place for cruising!
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