Chat with a Biker

So I was working tonight, and there was this biker type guy who came into my store. I’ve seen him a couple times, him and his wife come in at seperate times usually. Well, I noticed a couple weeks ago he got new logger boots. He’s always in boots, usually some kind of laceup-style boots, logger, etc…etc… He looked great in them and I wanted to ask him who made them and such but it was never the right time… until tonight. Must have been fate to ask him tonight and you’ll understand why. He came in around 7,8 ‘o clock and we were pretty busy, lots of customers. I noticed him, but wasn’t able to strike up a conversation about his boots. So the night wears on, and goes fast. 11:40pm he comes strolling back into the store! I couldn’t believe it! Must have been fate or something! So he’s in the store looking around and I have my employee straightening up the shelves and what not, keeping my employee out on the floor and me up at the desk so I could ring him out. This happened and mission accomplished. I rung out his order and in the middle of doing so, I asked him about his boots. He said he got them in Jersey and they were Chippewas! Yay! Now here’s where it gets crazy….. he asks me if I have a lot of boots? I was a bit surprisd that he asked this. I told him I had quite a few pair and named off all the differnet pairs that I had and we have quite a boot conversation going on. He even told me that he has a pair of Lineman boots that come up to his knees!

Now I don’t believe this guy is an electrician/pole climber but I guess the possibility is always there…. He said he usually wears the lineman boots under his jeans so that nobody really can tell he is wearing them. Well I tell you that really made my night. I guess you never know who you ask about their boots if they’ll keep the conversation going…. I just wonder if he’s going to wear his lineman into the store sometime and let me see them? 😀 Thought you guys might enjoy this.

Part 2

Wow! I can’t believe there is a part 2 to this crazy story! I’m so glad to be able to share this with you all.
Okay so after I kind of browsed over all of your questions to me about this guy to ask him, I took note of them thinking I’d ask them next time he showed up in a week or two….
Well sure enough he showed up again at my store tongiht! Here I was assuming this guy would be spending time with his family but apparently that was not the case…or maybe they just leave him be? Who knows? So anyway, he comes in, and picks up looking at the shelves where he left off last night. After a couple minutes, I go over, he shakes my hand. I intended on asking him if he needed any help finding anything but he said to me before I could say anything “let me take a look at those boots” (We were just allowed to wear jean at work for the next month so I decided to wear my jeans and a pair of my not so unique cowboy boots). We were talking a little bit about them, how the uppers weren’t real leather and all (I told you they were my not so unique pair of boots). Then I asked him about his boots again, (he had his Chippewa loggers on again), he pulled up his pantleg and showed me the shaft and the top of his sock bunched up at the top of the boot. We talked some more.
I asked him about his Lineman boots and that I’d like to see them sometime and he said he would show them to me once he got them resoled by a local shoe repair guy. And he admitted to me he had two pairs of lineman boots, one short and one tall….. I’m thinkin this guy really knows his boots then (although he didn’t know what a harness boot or by the term Harness anyway when I mentioned that to him last night).
After that, I kind of got the feeling he wanted to get back to looking at the shelves and what he was doing so I let him be, and he left without getting anything. 😦 Oh well. Until next time I see him I guess.
Oh And I did ask him what he did for a living and he told me he was a pipe-fitter. 🙂
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