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I had to fly to a worksite yesterday – and, because of space limitations, had to wear my 18″ wescos rather than packing them. I knew it would be interesting through airport security. The guards said nothing but I could sense that I (really my boots) was the center of interest of the line waiting at the x ray machines as I was taking them off. I heard a few quiet “wow” and “look at those” from the crowd. When I was putting them on two women remarked to me about how long it would take to lace them up. (Since I have been doing this for years, it didn’t take long).
I got no verbal response from men, but take note you straight guys out there – boots can be a chick magnet also!!
Or do you already know this??
Anyway, thought I would share.


Last year I had to fly out of a small airport wearing my 14 inchers since it was awful weather. As I was putting them on they asked why I was wearing them and if I worked for a cable company or electric company climbing poles. They were paying so much attention to my lacing them that the next 2 people in line could have packed a gun in their luggage for all the stares they were giving me. I loved it.

I will be flying tomorrow and always wear cowboy boots through the airport security screening. Part of it is being lazy and knowing it’s easy to slip them on and off. The thing I like is the looks I get from security and others in line as I take them off. I’ve never had a security guy sniff them, but that would be hot. They would probably just say that the sniff is for drugs but we all know better!

I still haven’t decided which pair to wear tomorrow. I could wear the black sharkskins or a pair of red died snakeskins I just got in a swap. Any suggestions guys??

Yeh,if you want attention, wear your dirty boots on an airplane. I recently flew into New York wearing a well oiled pair of 14″ Viberg’s which supported my messed up ankle better than my dress shoes. The shoe screening turned into a real production. I thought the Xray screener was way too “up close and personal” with them as he sniffed them and smiled.

Got to the hotel in NY and then realized I forgot to pack my own dress shoes. I Could have purchased a pair, but I decided to enjoy myself in Manhattan by spending the week attending meetings, dinner, theatre, etc. wearing the Viberg’s with my suit and tie. Got a few of stares, but no questions (hey, not the strangest thing you’re going to see in the Big Apple by far) … and I learned that a good work boot makes a lot of sense walking around the rough terrain of downtown NY. For my next plane ride, on go the 16″ loggers!

Let’s see more liberated, booted white collar travelers.

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