Story: College Kids Wearing Boots

When I was on campus I always wore cowboy boots and ran into many other guys who did too. One time I was in the library studying. I was sitting at one of those desks that have the high sides so you’re not bothered by people that sit down in the desk right next to you. A guy sat down in the desk next to me and took off his cowboy boots and put them on the floor between our two desks. The leather aroma drove me crazy and I couldn’t study anymore. I kept looking down at them and after awhile decided to pull my chair back and stretch out and maybe cop a feel of these fine boots. When I pulled my chair back I noticed that the guy next to me had his head on the desk and it looked like he was asleep. I watched for awhile and he didn’t move so I got brave and took my boots off and tried on his. Of course I had already looked around to make sure that no one else was able to see what i was doing. His boots were just a little snug on me, but they felt so comfortable. I was of course totally hard by now. I decided to take a chance and put my cowboy boots down on the floor between the two desks where he had put his boots before I put them on my feet. I was hoping he would wake up and put my boots on and we could share them for a day or so, but when he woke up he tapped me on the shoulder and asked if he could have his boots back. I told him he could wear my boots for now and we could trade back later but he didn’t want to. At least he was nice about the whole thing. It was an experience I will never forget and was glad to see other boot lovers on campus.

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3 responses to “Story: College Kids Wearing Boots”

  1. Hello Wabootboy, what a great, real life boot experience. I admired your courage to thoroughly check your surroundings before you sneaked boot fitting before the other student woke up. I’m sure the sweet leather aroma from those boots gave you a big boner. That’s awesome that you kindly offer to exchange your boots for a day, but sadly he did not agree to it. Hopefully they’ll be another fellow who WILL 🙂 When I attended college, I would also be mesmerized by by guys who wore ropers, cowboy boots, and tall riding boots to campus. I even once wine and dined an university staff member because of his tall beige pair of campus boots with tall heels. Thank you very much, wabootboy, for sharing your great boot story. Cheers!


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