Story: My Boots were Noticed

Went out Wednesday night for a few drinks, the biggest bar night of the year, Thanksgiving Eve, and met some friends. I was dressed in my blue carhartt jeans with my oxblood colored Luchese cowboy boots, blue pullover sweater & oxblood colored leather jacket. There were only two of us in the whole bar in cowboy boots, the other 50 something man had on snakeskin cowboy boots which I deffinatley noticed. As I was leaving I stopped to say goodbye to some friends who were standing outside having a smoke and all of a sudden there was this feeling on my pants leg. I looked down and this person was kneeling down & pulled up my jeans leg to check out my boots. As I noticed them, they said "nice boots" and I said "thank you for noticing" and I said good night and walked away. That made me feel good that someone had the nerve to check out my boots and compliment me, it always feels good to be noticed.There were too many people around for me to continue a boot conversation as they wouldn’t have understood why I was so interested.

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