Story: Orlando Airport Security

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Honey and I just returned from visiting relatives in Florida.

At security checkpoint I removed my Bates SR58, seven hole, high shine dress chukka boots. They are my new daily work footwear since my promotion. I like them a whole lot, as they look great no matter what else I’m wearing.

So, I’m sitting on the bench putting them back on. This guy riveted on me(them) so intently that he knocked over a pile of the gray boxes used for all the metal items and the shoes. Huge racket of plastic on hard floor.

I wanted to laugh, but he didn’t need any more embarrassment. Honey did remark that she wondered how he would have acted if I’d worn my former dailies, the Corcorans that gave me my handle here.

By the way, this security routine always reminds me of locking up an arrestee and taking his belt and shoelaces before putting him in a cell. Anybody else get that feeling?

That security routine does sound hot. Youre in control.
I had hear that arestees must give up their footwear, not onlyu laces.
If the arrestees give up their laces, wouldn’t their shoes fall off their feet?
Have you ever arrested a hot dude wearing hot boots and felt like taking his boots for safe keeping? and inspection?
That would sound hot.
Airport security are lucky when they have to inspect hot boots.

The only interest I have ever had in an arrested person’s boots is making sure they are not being used to conceal a weapon. Over the years, I have probably found a hundred knives hidden in boot shafts.

Trust me, if I had my druthers I wouldn’t touch anything connected with most of the perps, who are not nice people and generally tend to be pretty skanky in the hygiene department.

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