Story: Sharing boots on an airplane

Hey guys,

Have you ever tried this. On my last cross country ride on an airplane I took off my cowboy boots and then stretched out my feet. I pretended to fall asleep for awhile. I carefully watched the guy sitting next to me and waited until he stretched out his feet. Then I moved my feet back acting a little restless and purposely knocked my boot over so they would be between his seat and his outstretched feet. Then I placed by feet behind the heels of my knocked over boots so that he couldn’t just push them back to me. I wanted him to have to reach down and touch them and hand them back to me. I have tried this before but never did I get a response like this one. This guy who was about 25 and wearing loafer type shoes with jeans, slipped off his shoes and then put his stocking feet on top of my cowboy boots. He was just rubbing his feet over the shafts of my boots. I was of course still pretending to be asleep. He kept doing this on and off for awhile and then he picked one of them up and tried it on. At this point I wanted to catch him in the act. I pretended to wake up and looked down and then looked at him and said “So you like my cowboy boots?”. He stared at me out of disbelief and nervously said that they felt so comfortable and he hoped that I didn’t mind. I said I didn’t mind as long as I could slip his loafers on for the rest of the trip. We talked a little the rest of the trip, but didn’t make a permanent connection.

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