Story: Sharing boots on train

I usually wear my wesco boss boots when traveling and 10 years ago on the train there was a young guy ,about 18 blond and rather a hunk, who sat next to me in coach at night because I had taken off my boots and he abviously wanted to try them on .He was wearing a very well worn pair of engineers that were so falling apart that they would soon be unwearable. Well one thing lead to another and we found ourselves sharing a joint in the can .He said I bet these boots would hold water better than mine, he was wearing my wescos at the time. I said lets find out so I took off one of his old boots that I was wearing and began to soak it. His eyes got as big as saucers and he got one of my wescos off and started to do the same. When he had finnished he put his foor back in the partly full boot and went arround all morning wearing that wet boot and a cheeky grin on his face. I often wonder what happened to him. We got our own boots back at the end of the trip later that day but I had one wet smelly boot to wear home.

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