Walking in cowboy boots

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Do yo guys who wear cowboy boots wear them when you will be doing lots of walking?
I have a strong cowboy boot fetish and like to wear them everywhere but people keep telling me they are not made for walking and I will ruin my feet by always wearing them. I am headed to FL after Christmas with a friend and he has advised me to buy some comfortable shoes to wear instead of cowboy boots for all the walking when we visit the theam parks. He may have a point but I am sure I will wear boots I have given up on trying to understand this fetish of mine.

man completly understand, same prob here, i was in similar situation so wear em, mine were kinda tight so i knew i could not bear em all day so i decided to go sockless first day, man best idea i had, was fine for a while, then started hurting, so kept going, man this i know was luck went to sit down and grab a beer to help pain, and this guy asked if he could sit with me i said ok, no clue he was into boots, as i was drinking my beer he grabbed my feet under table descritely and pulled my boot off put foot in his lap and massaged it as we drank our beer, then he left my boot on ground and pulled other off and massaged it felt so good, then he said leave em off for little bit have another beer then u will be fine, i know that was luck but, after a while that afternoon they really pinching my toes it got so bad i just pulled em off, since i was sockless did not look bad and just carried em,, man it was great day every time i walked passed group u could see at least one guy re adjusting himself seeing me out of the boots, eventually i put em back on , man it wass great go for it wear em, just be sure u are in tight ass jeans let the rest work for itself, trust me. let me know how it comes out

In addition to all the excellent advice already given, I’d take the soles into account: I have a pair of boots with hard soles (OK they’re not cowboy boots) and the soles of my feet hurt a bit after walking in them for a couple of hours. So make sure the soles of your boots are rather soft before walking long distances in them.

BTW, if you can’t understand the fetish, just go along with it! Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

I don’t own a pair at the moment, but I had a pair of Tony Lama’s that were more comfortable to wear than most sneakers. I walked miles in them with no discomfort whatever. (I have narrow heels and a high arch, though, so maybe that’s it)

The only reason I didn’t keep them is that I that I had to have them resoled and reheeled so often, and with age, I grew a half size. I gave them to a friend who was moving to Texas.

The only shoes that will “ruin your feet” are ones that don’t fit, and there’s this little thing called searing pain that will let you know they don’t fit well before your feet are irrepairably harmed.

Of course, if you are going to run a marathon in 7 inch stilettos, you’re on your own..

Bear in mind that your feet will feel tired after lots of walking. It has nothing to do with the boots although people will equate that. Most important is they must fit well; not loose or tight. I once made a mistake of wearing a looser pair thinking it would be better.But it was worse as I was actually lugging the boots along instead of them walking with me.

Here’s my suggestion for you – do with it as you wish but I know that it has worked well for me over the years.

First, as everyone has already told you, wear your most comfortable well fitting boot.

Second, since most of the theme parks have storage lockers available, take a back pack with a back up pair of sneakers (can’t believe I actually used that word in here ……please, please, please don’t take away my membership card …. lol), and an extra pair of socks.

Also throw into the backpack some bandaids just in case you develop blisters – this can happen at any time and with any kind of footwear. Invest in some mole skin and put that into the bag also.

If you at all feel the start of blisters – don’t wait until it is to painful to walk around. Use the mole skin or bandaids. The ealier you use them the better your feet will like you. I prefer the mole skin over the bandaids and have on my many hiking expeditions and theme park adventures put it on in the morning over the areas on my feet that I know that I get blisters. Typically blisters will develope on the heels and the balls of the feet. A little tube of some type of disinfectant probably would be a good idea too.

If you find at the end of the day that you didn’t need the backpack with the extra shoes and first aid supplies – nothing lost except the cost of the locker. Don’t forget that your friend might wind up needing your supply before you do and he will be ever so greatful that you thought of it.

As always – be prepared.

Oh and one last thing — hope you get a couple of pictures of yourself in the boots of choice and that you report back to all of us on how it turned out.

Have a wonderful trip and stay safe.


7 responses to “Walking in cowboy boots”

  1. I was out cruising in my Jeep up in the mountains, wearing my very short cutoff jeans and big western belt, and my pointy toe cowboy boots with 7 inch heels. A bunch of strange dudes drove up to me, stopped, and started lusting at me in my duds. They invited me to a party at a local barn, so I went. I was standing at the bar, complaining about standing in these 7 inch heels, since there was no place to sit. A guy gave me a drink, and I started to feel funny. He said it was a “special drink”. Then, he said “lets go into the back room” and he stepped on my foot. The more I complained, the harder he stepped. The more he stepped, the more turned on I got. Then I staggered to the back room on my 7 inch heels, and he followed shoving his pointy toed boot up the back of my short shorts. Another guy started to fondle me. He said he was excited about my super short shorts. We got to the back room and the first guy shoved his unit up my behind, and other guy stroked me in the front. It was the best erotic experience I ever had. Then they locked me in a closet. I had to stand since there was no room to sit or lie down. My feet were killing me in these super high heels. They yelled to me that this what I deserve for wearing these short shorts and cowboy boots with these sky-high heels. Eventually they let me out. My feet still hurt to this day, but I still wear these shorts and boots since they’re so erotic, and I ball bust bastards like these guys every chance I get. They do get even, though, and I get cornholed all the time since I can’t run away in 7 inch heels.


  2. I wear cowboyboots every day, the whole day, for over 30 yrs now, without socks (barefoot); they’re extremely comfortable.


  3. It all depends on the heel. Get a cowboy boot in the roper style with the low heel and you can do all the walking you want with them, no problem.


  4. Back in the early ’70’s I lived in Texas and all of the guys wore real short cutoff jeans and cowboy boots. My boots had 5 1/2 inch heels. We used to go to the theme parks and walk around all day in these duds. I thing there’s nothing more comfortable than cowboy boots with very high heels. They also look good with very short cutoffs, especially if you’re in your 20’s and have nice legs. The women (and some other guys) think these duds are really hot and you’ll get some interesting comments from them.


  5. I also always had a cowboy boot fetish. Back in the 70’s a group of us would go to theme parks in TX in our very high heeled 6 in. custom cowboy boots and very short cutoff jeans with our big western belts. We actually were able to walk all day in these boots and got some very positive comments about our look. I loved the feel and look of these duds. I wish we’d taken some pictures.


  6. i must say i’m addicted to cowboy boots with 5 or 6 inch heels. These things are exciting to wear especially with no socks. i even go hiking in them. i like to wear them with very short cutoff jeans and i have great looking legs. one day i was out hiking in these duds and came across some hillbillies and was afraid of what would happen since i couldn’t run away in these boots. another time i was camping in these duds and got hit on by the park ranger. you almost get attacked by women in these duds since you can’t get away. these boots are the hottest kind of shoes you can wear. its no wonder there are so many songs and videos produced about cowboy boots.


  7. I love to wear cowboy boots too. Recently I got a request to make a video where a woman steps all over them with her high heels and scuffs them all up. Must say that was exciting.


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