My name

Today is the July 4th, independence Day of the United States.

Something big happened in my mind that I am always trying to avoid it.

It happened before the fireworks. We were sitting in our Downtown park waiting to watch the show. We were playing our iPhone apps. One of my friend’s sister took it and started browsing my iPhone. In my hand, I was thinking if there is anything about boots and my fetish. Maybe she would look into my Safari history, ebay buy/sell/watching lists or my wordpress apps that has this blog on it. Basically, this is a my last space/area to express my truly self. I did not tell any of my school’s friend about my fetish that I am into boots. I am scared this will ruin my name. After the show, I had a chance to see what she has opened since this is a new feature of iPhone OS 4.0. I saw that she looked into my WordPress app, and she should have seen this blog’s comment and the address of this blog.

I kept thinking about it and I planned to delete or closed or change the address of this blog right after I got home. But I did not.

I changed my mind when I was taking shower. I only think seriously stuff when I am taking shower. I kept thinking about if she will tell anybody of my secrets. I kept thinking she will tell her sister – my friend. Or she will tell anyone. But then, I started to think for myself. Do I really need to care about what anybody thinking about me, even my friends? Will they leave me just because I am into boots? Does into boots equal bad person? Then I come to myself a conclusion that why I can’t live my own life. So I decided to keep this blog running as long as I can. I do not care if any of my friend go on it. This is my life, and “life is short”. You guys always saying I am crazy, and yes! I am crazy!

I know there is not many visitors on this blog, but it’s ok. Because this is a place for me, a place that I can use a fake name to express my real skin.

6 responses to “My name”

  1. Hi Husky, Been busy last few days with a family wedding in Ireland my home place – my little sister – we had a great celebration. I’ve never been to Seattle, just to LA (passing through for a couple of days on my way to a meeting in Lima. The weather here is not quite as hot thankfully. My boots are Sancho 13″ tall bought second hand. London is great so much to see and do!I will return there tomorrow.
    Suddenly you are really popular. Well done. There must be a good lesson in marketing there – lol.
    PS please note my new username. I see I still have my name in my last comment. The computer did it automatically. Peace!


    • wilderdays,

      Oh! I just changed your name for you. I know. I finally have people come to this blog and look at me blog. I am glad to see that. Now I just need to produce more good entries to keep them coming. I wish they like here. I mean this is a place for me to meet and talk to other bootmen. It’s great!



  2. Hi husky,
    Who says you’re crazy, I don’t think so!! I really envy you, especially when I read the last line above “….because this is a place for me…” This idea seems very healthy. If your friends can’t let you be yourself then they’re not true friends. I envy you and wish I had your freedom to enjoy your intrest in boots. I am a 46 year old priest who worked in Taiwan for fifteen years and now live in London (for next 4 years). I like boots but am unable to have a “collection” due to my career/lifestyle. I can speak Mandarin (but can’t write it). I hope your recent exams went well! You have put a lot of work into this site. It is very well done. Take care


    • Hi Pat,

      Thank you for your support. I am very pleased that someone is actually paying attention to me and giving me support. I hope one day you can have your own boots collection. Do you own any boots? I want to hear more from you. I have been to Taiwan for a trip and it was really fun. I bet your Mandarin must be good 🙂

      Take Care


      P.S I have hided your last name.


      • Thanks Husky,
        I appreciate you hiding my name. I’m afraid I’m not great with the computer and make mistakes sometimes.
        I lived in Miaoli with the tribal Attayal tribe – a very special experience and a very beautiful people.
        I just have 2 pair of tall harness boots and a pair of engineer boots. I guess if I had my own place I would have more, maybe in the future. My photo is on my facebook account. Feel free to write me an email at My spoken Mandarin is passable, I think!! Have you any plans to visit London?? Take care,


        • Wow…how tall are your harness boots? are they made from frye? I would love to visit London but it’s too far from Seattle. I might visit there as my graduation trip. Have you been to Seattle? It’s hot in here now, 101 degree at noon. I looked at today and I saw a post about YVR saw a guy wearing full leather in a coffee shop. It looks like there’s lot of bootmen in London.


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