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Posted by Tallshine (other posts) on January 30, 2007 at 20:42:36:

Okay…class dismissed. Your assignment for today is to pull on your favorite pair of knee-high or taller boots (pants tucked in, of course) and go out into the world. Take note of the reactions of those around you and write a 500 word essay on what you observed. Have it on my desk by tomorrow afternoon… and remember, penmanship counts.

I know that he laid down the challenge in jest, but I decided to take him quite literally and here is my 500 word essay.

Tallshine’s Outing

From my name used here (Tallshine), you’d surely think that I have no hangups about wearing boots proudly (pants tucked in, of course). In fact I do! That isn’t to say I never wear my boots like that, but I have to talk myself into it and build up my courage. Alright boys, I know that sounds silly to those of you without the hangup, but it’s a fact! I’ve got some really nice boots in my collection (which I’ve shared here a number of times), but people out there usually just see the bottom 4 inches.

A little break from that today!

The boots are 19″ Austin Halls, which I wore to my office/professional job “safely hidden” under my jeans. After work, I made the superman switch in my virtual phonebooth (my car), taking the time to fold jean bottoms into socks and pulling on my boots. For me that was a moment of reckoning. I’d made my commitment to “go out into the world”, and my heart rate increased noticeably. Yes. It really did. That is how the public exhibition of my secret passion affects me.

Stop One I’m a serious bicyclist (ooops no boots there!) and my first stop was to get some chain cleaner and oil at the bike shop. It’s January, and obviously not a busy season for a bike shop. When I walked in the door, there was me looking at the guy behind the counter, and the guy behind the counter looking at me. He did two “head bounces” to get a good look at my boots, then, naturally, asked me how he could help me. We talked about the pros and cons of their line of chain lubes, and I did have a chance to check out his boots behind the counter: pull-on roper style boots with a beige colored rubber-like sole and heel. Rather sensible “on your feet all day” boots, but boots none the less. Once again I did not die!

Stop Two Lowe’s for some hardware. If anyone did a double-take at my choice of clothing, I was hard pressed to see it. I’m quite self-conscious when wear my boots out like that, so I have to try hard to be myself, and not actually look for reactions. They may have been there. Who knows? And as some of my fellow bootmen here say: Who Cares? (Answer: I guess I do if I’m so uptight about it.)

Stop Three The grocery store. I went off to get a handful of things in produce, dairy, and frozen foods. I determined there would be no hiding behind a shopping cart for this outing! And the result was pretty much the same as at Lowes. I was just as invisible as I would have been in jeans and tenny runners.

Stop Four An important disclosure, if you have read this far! I am straight. Not unrelated to that, I’ve long had a silly fantasy that wearing boots proudly (pants tucked in, of course), while getting a haircut would be a pretty sexy thing to do. I get haircuts frequently. For good grooming, of course, but really because I like having the personal attention from the good looking young women at Great Clips. So on this outing I suddenly decided I needed a haircut. The boots got an admiring(?) glance from a guy waiting while I waited. I can’t say that my hair dresser paid much attention. The conversation certainly didn’t go that way. But I did enjoy the flourish at the end. After she pulled off the drape cloth, she bent over slightly, and blew off the non-existant hair clippings from my boots with her hair dryer! I can’t remember that ever happening while wearing athletic shoes.

If you are still reading, I hope you enjoyed the silliness of my hangups.

Bootpup, what’s my grade?

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