Story: Tall Boots in Public

Posted by rafe (other posts) on January 31, 2007 at 17:53:51:

I had not yet checked BOL yesterday when I was preparing to run some errands. Here is my report on wearing my boots in public.

It was early (for me). I had to take the trash and recycle barrel to the road by 7:00 and then take my car for servicing by 8:00. I wanted to warm the engine so I could point out the problem to the service manager. The jeans were lying there ready to go and the 20″ Wesco Engineer Boots were close to the bed. Just one small problem- the legs on these jeans were not big enough to go down over the boots. No problem, I’ll wear them tucked in.

In order not to wake my wife, I carried socks and boots downstairs. I had just a little trouble getting them on as the feet kept moving around. Memo to self: all future Wesco boots will have leather lining. My Wesco Harness Boots (dark brown) and Wesco Boss (redwood) with Harness Straps rather than instep buckle and strap are both lined and I really like them that way.

Got the boots on with jeans neatly tucked inside. Put on a warm jacket- eastern Pennsylvania finally got some cold weather. Packed up trash and loaded recycles and headed for the road at the end of the driveway. Cars drove by but I gave them no thought. Drove a round about route to the dealership, but decided to stop in MacDonalds across the street to get some nourishment to go. Now I could have gone to the drive through, but I wanted to see if by going inside anyone would glance or comment on the boots.

Went inside, but throughout the transaction no looks, no comments. I took my sandwich and left for the dealership. I was planning to wait for the car. In the waiting area was an older lady and a gentleman. Neither looked, neither commented. The repair was going to take longer than expected and the necessary part wouldn’t be there until mid afternoon. An employee drove me home- no comments.

Knowing I would be going out again, I didn’t bother to change. I spent a few hours in my woodshop getting dust over those black beauties. About 3:00 they called that the car was finished. Now I also had to go to another dealership about ten miles away to pick up a part for a different car. I said to my wife that she should take me in to get car #1, we could leave her car and take mine to the other dealership and then stop to do a grocery order.

Went to dealership #2 to the parts counter. No looks, no comments. From there we went up the road to a large supermarket. I do not enjoy shopping with my wife. I go, get what is needed and check out. She must read every label of every product we buy. We were there for a while, although for a Tuesday night the store was not very busy. Again, I didn’t see anyone staring at the boots and no comments. Toward the end of our buying spree I was really getting tired and wanted to sit. Supermarkets don’t have benches as they want you to keep walking the aisles. I did find one and sat for awhile. As we get older the legs and knees need occasional relief.

Finished shopping and headed for home. I left the boots on while we had a late supper. I went upstairs around 9:00 and took off the boots. I had worn them with pants tucked inside for about 14 hours. My legs, knees, and hips reminded me that I was 65, but my feet did not hurt from wearing a good pair of boots. Now I’ve worn boots with jeans tucked in on a few previous occasions, but here was a full day of wearing them out and about. I have no idea if anyone was catching glimpses behind my back- I didn’t see them, and certainly nobody made any comments. I did not feel conspicuous or uncomfortable at all that day. To those who have yet to go out in public with jeans tucked in the boots, try it. You may be surprised by how easy it becomes.



I wore a pair of riding boots under my jeans to work today as I am accustomed to do almost any day. Unfortunately, this was a new pair that was beginning to chafe my right leg at the top of the boot shaft. By the end of the day it was very discomforting and I needed some padding between my leg and the boot.

I knew what I had to do and thought about the recent posts about wearing tall boots in public. I was working late and there was almost nobody left on the floor. Yes, I would exit through the lobby and the security attendants and then be on the streets of NYC. This should really not be a big deal. We can see things much more outrageous every single day here.

So I walked the three blocks to the TS subway station and got on the train just as invisible as I am every other day. No big deal, except that I did it.

It was just that easy.

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    • I know. It’s really sad I wish some guys can come to me in the public and say “your boots look awesome”. maybe it’s too hard in the NW of the US. and coz there’s not many guys out there wearing boots in here. where you from? do u see guys wearing boots in the public? what boots they usually wear? nice to meet you, cavalier.



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