Story: True Boot Story


Hey Bootmen,

A few weeks ago I posted a thread called “Boot Psychology.” I was really pleased to see the great response, and enjoyed reading about all of the personal preferences we have when it comes to boots. I mentioned that my favorite boot was a tall, preferably Wesco engineer boot. Well, this is what happened a few weeks ago at LaGuardia Airport.

I had just gotten out of a cab and was treated to the sight of a hot pair of what I thought were Wesco engineers on a great looking guy, standing outside the same door I was going through to check in for a flight. As he took a last drag on his Marlboro, he caught me grabbing a look at his boots. We exchanged smiles, and I kept on going, trying to keep my heart from skipping a beat. I checked in, got through security and found my way to the waiting area for my flight. Five minutes later, here comes boot man, who takes a seat not far from me. There weren’t that many people in the area, and since he didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with me looking at his boots, I struck up a conversation. “Are those Wescos?” “Yup. You know your boots,” he says. Well, I have about 45 pair, including several pair of Wescos.” “Really?” “Sure do.”

Silence for a bit, until I finally get the courage to ask, “Do you mind if I snap a picture of them with my phone camera?” I thought the best I might be offered would be his boot encased foot. But lo and behold, he pulls up his jeans to reveal a beautiful three buckle Wesco engineer. Beautiful. Just beautiful!

I forgot to mention that I ended up sitting in the row behind the guy on the aisle. More than once I dropped something just to get a closer look at his boots. It was one time I was happy for a long flight.

I wanted to share this true story and the actual pic with all of you guys. I know that you’ll appreciate it.

Thanks for this site Larry, and the opportunity for us to share boots and boot stories with one another.

Just not abnormal, I tell ya, for a regular guy to be into wearing boots. Everybody thinks it is something weird for us guys to be into collecting and enjoying wearing boots. Not at all men!!! Some of you guys go to a little extreme, but, most guys really like wearing his boots. Absolutely everyone I know does. I live in a farming community, in Ohio, but still even people in larger cities like I work in are into wearing boots as much as they can. Just a normal part of what guys wear! Boots just seem to be more popular these days. I’m for that!


Great story! Thanks for sharing!

Last Friday morning, I was visited (somewhat unexpectedly) by the exterminator. (Background: I had let my termite contract lapse, they contacted me, I said I wanted to reinstate it, but we didn’t set up a date for the guy to come because I was leaving town for a week. Lo and behold, he shows up at my door. That’s small-town living for ya!) He said that he needed to come in and check the inside (bathrooms, kitchen). I said that the other guys who’ve come in the past didn’t always do that. He looked puzzled, and he said, “Well, I always do! I have to do that!”

It was a damp morning, and before he came in the house, he said, “Lemme take off my boots.” Just the mention of the work “boots” by a guy like that does, well, does something to me. So I watched as he took them off at the door. He seemed to be having a little trouble, and I almost, ALMOST offered to help. But I figured that may have been a little too much.

He left them there, outside the door. God, how I wanted to get my camera and take a few photos, and even pick them up and, well, you know. But I had to show him where the bathrooms were in the house, and he really didn’t take long. Then, he went back out and put his boots back on so he could inspect the outside.

I’m so happy I live in an area where so many men wear boots.



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