My boots fully in public under the sun

Hot! Hot! Summer! its 109 degree today.

I went to class today and while I was walking back to my car. I saw a tall, long hair, skinny guy walking in front of me wearing a pair Demonia Reaper-30 buckles boots. He is so skinny that the boot shaft is not tight for him at all. He wore like very casual black T-shirt and baggy black pants. He was walking before me. I kept staring them hard under my sunglasses. I did not show him I really interested in his boots, instead I walked slower and watching his boot walk right outside the campus.

His boots are really beaten up. The sole is showed a lot of wear. And he has his boots real shine. They look like old quality stock Demonia Reaper 30 boots unlike nowaday Made in China Demonia think sole heavy boots. But they seems like tall as ROCKY 30 holes boots but very easy on and off. But they are hella expensive on SAD 😦 I want a pair too.

I paid attention to the people around him and see if they will stare at his knee high boots when they walk by him. But Nope, not a person did. Everybody just having their life going. Even its the hottest today in Seattle. Nobody seems care about what he is wearing.

It change my mind about wearing boots in public. Now I just want wear what I like and I don’t need to care what people think and people don’t even have time to comment at you. So this afternoon, I had my rush lunch and then I went straight to a local library with my rubber riding boots on.

I walked it with them, nobody pay attention at them. I first think I am scared of what people think, but when I think back the guy’s boots. I just have the guts to wear them. In order to really show I am wearing boots tuck in my jeans. I wore a pair light colored straight jeans from Quicksilver. They are tight on thigh which will look good when I wearing my boots. I really like and enjoy myself wearing boots in public. I am so confident of myself.

So, I done my homework pretty fast in 2 hours, then I went outside.WOW, its 109 oF. I felt like I went to an oven. But it didn’t stop my goal of wearing my rubber riding boots. I really want to feel how the real men wear knee high rubber boots feel everyday or the patrol cops leather riding boots for long hours. So I did. I felt really great. I did not care about what people think. Although there was not many people on streets, but I was enjoying that moments. I think this is the longest time I wore my knee high rubber riding boots in public. There was a guy like my age kept staring at my boots as he walked by me. Hmm, I really like my boots now!

When I took them off, my feet were damp wet, even my jeans too. I think I wore them for like 4 hours. But this is not enough. I just want to wear them as long as I can. I wore them indoor with air conditioned for like 2 hours and 1 1/2 hours outdoor under the great sun.

I am so proud of myself today. and I took some great photos today. hope you guys like it.

P.S. I created a page for donation. Every $1 helps me buying a pair of real boots since all my boots are cheap that I got them from ebay.

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