Marching in my rubber riding boots

more photos! 🙂 I can tell you they are really comfortable. They are cheap and they can make your sweat. Just spray Pledge to bring up the leather look.

6 responses to “Marching in my rubber riding boots”

  1. Hello Bootboy, I love your Rubber Riding Boots and glad that you wear them Out in Public, I too wear rubber riding Boots out and friends love them, I go shopping wearing them, to the movies, walking in the Park, and relaxing at Home.


  2. Wow , I love those pics with Your rubber boots , I wear mine as often as possible , also to work. Like to see more of them.


  3. You look fantastic in your riding boots, i share your passion for rubber riding boots and wear them most days. love to talk to you on a regular basis


  4. Hi Husky,
    Loved the photos of the rubber boots hope you’ll do more.
    I posted a message onto

    “Marching in my rubber riding boots » IMG_0025” photo have a quick look.


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