12″ Frye Harness boots Photoshoot

This is for Dan. He asked me to post more pics of my harness boots. And here they are. They look awesome! Hope you like them, Dan.

4 responses to “12″ Frye Harness boots Photoshoot”

  1. Bootboy, Love your website. I’m into harness boots too. I have two pairs of black harness boots (size 7.5 and 8) One is Frye , the other is Double-H. I’m thinking of getting some dark brown Double H or Dingo. I think that I read that you’re an 8 also. Interested in trade?


      • Hi Bootboy-
        Thanks for answering above, buddy. Sorry, that it’s been so long. I live in Pasadena, CA. So, if you’re still up for a trade; I’m still willing. My black Double-H boots are size 7.5. They are old, broken-in; but to me that makes them sexy – like your boots in the pics above.

        I went ahead and bought brown Double-H boots, but I’m not completely happy with them. They’re a lot stiffer than Fryes. Interested in them? (size 7.5 also) I think that I’ll buy a new pair of Brown Frye Harness boots(size 8) Love that pic you have of them in your website. Damn, I love boots!


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