I read an alledged true story online about a High School kid living in Chicago who had to walk to school past a leatherbar and became fascinated with the guys in leather. He bought a pair of 17″ boots for the cold winter and wore them with his leather biker jacket. The first day he did this, the HS football captain cornered him, and he thought he was going to get beat up. Instead the captain asked if he could lick his boots. The kid accepted, and was told the captain would deny it if he told anyone about his fetish. He also offered to lick the kids boots freqently if he could jack himself off while doing such. The power of tall black leather boots.

One response to “log”

  1. Tell you what.
    Wear those hot rubber riding boots around me and let me cum on them.
    Then I’ll lick them clean! SLURP!


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