My truly Madly Leather Riding boots

Fuck that! I am so Horny right Now! Fuck Yeah! I am wearing my Marlborough Riding boots. Got them from eBay.

UK size 8.5. US size 9.5. Made in English! Yeah!

Widest part of the calf was 15 3/4 and they are too tight for my calf. So I went to a local shoe repair shop and got them stretched.

Fuck Yeah! They are hottest boots ever. Long lasting leather. Wearing them, I feel like I am a porn star.

(want more pictures? click “read the rest”)

One response to “My truly Madly Leather Riding boots”

  1. Those nice English Marlboro riding boots!!!…

    I do not deny they ARE great.

    But you might also like these boots:

    They are also pretty much OK.


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