Boots in the locker room

I don’t usually go to gym and workout in the morning. But I did today. And when I was about to get change, I saw a nice pair of boots standing under the bench. I took a few pictures when I was walking closer. I was so curious what brand are they. Luckily, there was nobody around me. I thought and I assumed the owner was taking shower because he had his tennis shoes, shorts, clothes lying next to them. So I grabbed the right boot and took a closer look. The leather was still warm and soft. They were made of nice quality leather. I looked at the sole,  and there was the brand name “To Boot New York”. I have never seen this brand before. As I was putting them back to its place, the owner saw me. He walked closer to me and said “Nice boots, huh?”. He was naked with a towel wrapped his lower body. I said “Yeah! They are really nice. What brand are they?”. “They are made by To Boot New York. They worth like a few hundreds. Got ’em from Nordstrom a couple years ago. Wanna try them on to see if they are comfortable since I haven’t have my pants on”. “Yes!”, so I took my backpack off and I sat down. Took off my shoes and put them on. They were really comfortable and I could still feel the body heat from him. They were slightly too big for me. Of course, size 10. I had a hard on in my pants immediately. So I took them off right away to avoid the embarrassment. “I really like them. Thank you.” and he said “Yup!”. Then I got my shoes and backpack on and I went away. I thought to myself, “I should go workout in the morning more often.”

At home, I looked it up on the net, and I found them. And they are seriously expensive. He really put an investment on what he wears. I was impressed by the price. They are shorter than my riding boots that I got online for like $80, but they worth much higher.

I am really happy that I had a chance to wear them for a few second, and the good thing is they are somebody guy’s boots.

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