Any bootboy want to join me?

Do you want to share your stories and photos on here?

Leave a comment here and I will add you to my contributor list so you can post hot boots pictures and posts like me.

6 responses to “Any bootboy want to join me?”

  1. Yeah I know what you mean about busy lol. To make it easier, you just wanna text or somethin? I’m on the east coast so don’t worry, I won’t like kidnapp you. 410 353 1482 if you decide to. And does UW have a good swim team? It’d be a pretty big move but the campus looks really nice!



  2. Hey husk,

    I just recently came across your blog and I love it! Can totally relate. Plllllllleeeeassse post more pics of you just chllin in the frye harness. Leather pants, nahhh jeans look so much better if you ask me. Also, I see you go to UW. Fill me in a little? I might apply there and being on the east coast, official visits are a little hard. Also, what class year are you?


    • Hey swimminman,

      This sounds great! Ok! I will add you as a contributor of this blog and you will have access to post your photos and your stories. Thank you very much that you like my blog and you reply me here. Yup! We can totally relate! Yes, I am going to uw now and I am a sophomore. Stay chilled, man! I would like talk to you more! Can’t wait to know more about you. And I will promise you I will post more pictures of myself with my frye harness boots once I have time. Personally I like harness boots with jeans better. P.S, school is pretty busy for me now, so I won’t able to take some good photos.

      take care



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