My story, please read this!

Okay I don’t know if you have read all of my posts or not. But I am telling you a story which is significant to me. Hope you can spend your time to read this. Please bear with my bad grammar even though I have been learning English for my whole life.

So back in 2005 or 2004, I was 15/14 years old. I was lucky enough to have my own desktop with unlimited access since I was (kind of) the only son because my brother went to study aboard. So I wasted my whole year to create a group on msn called “長靴俱樂部” (in english, Boots Club). For real, this is the only internet group for bootmen in Hong Kong. And I was the founder. I did not even have a single pair of boots back then. But I was knowledged enough to con every single adult man to believe I am really a bootboy who owns pairs of boots. I got most of my knowledge from and I already knew about Wesco boots, Chippewa boots, Frank Thomas – the former manufacturer of Hong Kong cop boots, dr.martens boots, underground boots.

At the best time of the group, I had over 3,000 male members or more than that, actually I don’t even remember. Our signup was moderated, because there was a lot of guys wanted to join in. Everyone believed me I have a lot of pairs of boots, which it was and it is pretty rare in Hong Kong. At one time, I felt that this was the chinese verison of “Boots on line” where bootmen can just talk about boots. I created a forum for people to discuss about where to get the Hong Kong motorcycle cop boots. I created a forum for people just to talk about boots. I created my own photo album contains my boot collection which I just pull all the photos from the internet.

I admit the success of this group was not because of me. I was just a kid who went to boot sites everyday and knew something about designing and image editing. I was just a kid who created an area where hong kong bootmen can share their common interests. The real success is from the real bootmen in my group. They posted their real pictures of hong kong motorcycle cop boots and their boots videos.

The downfall of the group is because I had to focus on study and I moved to United States. Basically, I forgot the whole idea about keeping the photos and the videos we created and we had. Even though, MSN was closing the entire service “MSN groups” on February 21, 2009. I did not have a single thought of storing them. Now I thought back, I actually could store everything as backup to create a new group, but I did not. I am regret about it now. The only things I have now of this group was ever existed are a video of one of the member putting on his Dr.martens 20 holes boots, and an notification email from one of the member posted something to our forum.

I could have save the data by merging all the information me and my members created by migrating to the social website, And the true story is I just know that after I look it up on Wikipedia two minutes ago.

And here is one of their video he posted.

I have been looking for this video for so long. And I did not back it up to a safer space. This video means a lot to me. Even the quality is not as good as before.

2 responses to “My story, please read this!”

  1. U know what.. I’m hk n used to be a member of ur site when i was 15/16.
    N right.. never thought of a kid who r same age as mine create a huge bootsite! Very nice indeed!
    i should meet u early before u left hk =[


    • oh really? do you still have the photos from the club I created. I really want them back. Oh! Do you have the original files of the vidoes we have back then? I did not back them up. How old are you right now? Coz when I created that site, I was only like 14/15. Its nice to see you here and you found my blog.


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