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Just noticed there is a California Highway Patrol Office several miles away from my home. The other day when I stopped at a red light, I noticed there was a CHP motor officer next to my car. He was going to make a left turn. He was in leather jacket and gauntlet gloves and of course in tall shiny patrol boots. I can only see his right boot on the pedal. Too bad it changed to green light and I had to move forward. I wish I could follow that officer……
Later on I found out there was a CHP office around that area. No wonder so many booted motor officers! I just want to visit that office to have a look at their locker rooms (of course I don’t want to be a criminal to be in that office). Anyone can tell me a way to get access to the CHP office?
Access to any CHP Office is easy. Just walk in the front door. However, getting beyond the front desk is something else. If you know someone who works there, and ask for a tour, that’s the easiest way. Chances are you won’t see the locker room though. Besides, motor officers take their bikes home, so they come and go to work already dressed, Dehners on. Most of the other officers dress at work, and you may see a pair of Danners, Bates, or whatever boot or shoe the officer chooses to wear with his uniform, on top of a locker. The smaller the office, the more things you will see out in the locker room. Since everyone knows one another, the level of trust is higher. But in a big city office, you won’t find that many things just laying out. The gear is too expensive to have someone take it.
I can give you all kinds of ideas on how to strike up a conversation, etc., but that’s my advanced seminar. 😉
And yesterday I parked my car aound the CHP office area and pretended to be walking past the building. I heard the sound of motorcycle behind me and looked back and alas, there was another CHP officer in leather jacket and tall boots. The boots need to be shined and were well broken-in (I can see the creases around the ankle). The officer was just several steps away from me and I could clearly see the top buckles on his boots and his dress insteps. He was shouting at the car in front of him: turn left!! And the car turned into the CHP office and the officer was following him. Very authoritive!!
I hate to be spoil your fun, but like a young man who posted a long time ago, you’re looking to be embarrassed or worse.
As per our training, we cops notice behavior such as repeatedly walking past a precinct building with no clear purpose. Post 9/11 such awareness has been heightened. Expect to be questioned in an aggressive manner if you persist.
A suggestion to avoid the negative outcomes possible from the actions you are considering. Why not look for a “citizens academy”, which will allow you to get an inside look at police operations, as well as giving you the opportunity to get to know some police officers? I remain convinced that the more you know about police and their work and gear, the less you will obsess with them.
We’re just guys doing a job.
BTW: My now not-so-new Corcs still squeak, more in cold, dry weather than mild. Probably the only answer is more and more breaking in.
I really doubt that…. My boots squeaked more as I broke them in more and more.
You do have good idea about the Citizens Academy. there is one here. When I see posts like “How do I gain access…?” talking about a restricted area whether it is the police station or the code7 website, etc, I cringe. Fantasies are not always meant to come true. How do you gain access??? Become a police officer. Otherwise, leave it as fantasy.
(as an aside) I have even encountered guys who are so out of touch with the real world as to complain in chat rooms that civilians (those into the uniforms…) should be able to walk around in public in police uniforms !!! SCARY!!! They cannot comprehend what the big deal is restricting the use of a police uniform for only the REAL police officers….. is this the definition of brainless or what??? What part of “3000 dead people” is not sinking in????
Old Guard, I guess you have never been to Chicago, where the local Chicago Police have a station in the heart of the Gay district, & are more tolerant & don’t mind when someone asks them questions about their Boots & other apparel. In fact, last summer, I was walking past & one officer was even admiring my Danner Ft Lewis Boots I was wearing & asked to see them closer, which I was happy to oblidge!!

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