New blog header

More natural. Sexier, more toward the goal of perfection. Showing my long legs but short upper body. Do you like it?

7 responses to “New blog header”

  1. wabootboy,
    Your new header looks real cool young man, (I think you were inspired by a certain bootlust photo methinks) 😉 But I hope your old header will remain the main one – why because it’s different and it’s shot outside.

    your legs look just right, you know why brandon Roth looked so wrong as the new Superman…. – his boots were too short, his legs were too short and body too long. All the problems you don’t have I’m happy to say.


    • really? Do you have a pair too? I really like mine. Even though I have a pair of brand new riding boots but I just always want to wear my used soft Marlborough Riding boots. For the header, I think I will change it next week.

      Thanks for your comment. I enjoy reading them.


      • Hi, Husky!

        No, unfortunately, I do not have Marlborough Riding boots. You can see the boots I already own on facebook, I just created an account. The name is “George Alex” and e-mail address is I am waiting for your approval to see your page on facebook.

        But the boots I am really dreaming about (and probably will never have) are shown on Youtube, on the account of Poruchic.

        By the way, he is a subscriber of your videos on youtube. Please do me a favor, watch some of his 4 videos. I believe you will get a lot of fun. I would be happy to know whether or not you like those boots.




    • For me it’s riding boots that should be on on the header (most of the time – it’s always good to see different boots). I have a load of cowboy boots (just got a real nice pair last week from a shop for a real nice price but riding boots are my all time favorites.


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