Boot sight

He is wearing his black uggs boots.

3 responses to “Boot sight”

  1. I have to confess – I do own a pair of tan UGGs. You can see them on my profile at ridingmast on Recon Bootmen site.

    Sure, they are UGG-ly, but at the same time INCREDIBLY comfy; four years ago I started to wear them instead of so called “sleepers shoes”. And I did not have Common American Winter Cold since then.


    • dude, your comment makes me want to get a pair for myself too….should i order a pair from or since they have fast and free both way shipping…I want to get a tall pair. I only like tall boots!


      • Sure, you like only tall boots!

        If the pair is not tall –
        then they are not boots at all!

        My UGGs look like mid-calf, but when I pull them up properly, they stretch almost under the knee. I wear them at home from October to April. Warm. Soft inside – like you walk barefoot. If I was in advertizing, I would name this model Foot Paradise. I got them at eBay, i am sure that would be less expensive than Zappos.


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