Expensive New boots VS. cheap used boots?

Recently I acquired a pair of Marlborough riding boots from eBay for under $20 including shipping costs. I really like them, they are old, broken in. At first I did not really like them, not even want to touch them because they were so dirty. But I spent a lot of hours just make them look new again. I even went to a local cobbler to get them stretched to fit my calves. Here are they.

Versus my new Devon-Aire Field riding boots, they have the classics look, laces in front, shiny new leather. They are not broken in at all and the leather is still stiff. I don’t usually wear them. I bought them at about $90 from eBay too. I only wear them at home, and I don’t want to wear them outside because I want to protect them. Sometimes I wanted wear them out, but when I think of I would not able to wear them indoor anymore because the sole would become dirty after I walked outside, then I would choose to wear my Marlborough riding boots or my rubber riding boots. I really don’t know should I wear them out to give them some characters or just keep them in my closet. I need your comments! Would you rather wear a pair of used boots or break in a new pair of boots?

My Marlborough riding boots were look like this….

4 responses to “Expensive New boots VS. cheap used boots?”

  1. Is my fantasy too. But I like feet with socks, not bare. The nazis officer boots or US Cavalry are the best.


  2. Hi man love used boots myself, as new boots are so hard to get broken in. Would help another guy break in his boots though. Have a nice day.


  3. Most of my boots are used boots that I bought on ebay, including my chippewa hi-shines.

    Of course my ultimate fantasy is to see guys getting stripped of their tall boots, with another dude pulling and tugging to get the tall and tight and sweaty boots off of some sexy bare feet, and then maybe wearing the boots on his feet! >:)


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