Hunter Rubber Boots

Hey everyone, I haven’t post anything for few days. Do you guys still remember me? I am playing with my Hunter Rubber boots.

7 responses to “Hunter Rubber Boots”

  1. would love to see more pictures of your rubber boots! I love rubber boots with light dress socks. They come off so easily


  2. You had a lot of luck for your friend have the same size as yours. Otherwise, these spectacular photos woud not have been made. I have a pair of Hunter Gloss in black, but I have the same problem as described in the article you had published here. I realized that your pants are tight, to fit properly in the boots. I did’nt know it this color. I supose you had trouble to take of the boot with bare feet. I tried without socks, but I had difficult to remove it.


    • No they are fashion rubber boots. Each pair worths like $100. They are well handmade in England. I want a pair but I prefer of black rubber boots. They look cool with jeans or khaki pants or shorts.


    • oh. They are not mine. They are belong to my friend. I dont know how many pair I have. But you can look at my “collection” page to see. I am in love with my Marlborough riding boots.


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