Would you rather wearing someone’s leather pants?

For me, I think my sense of smell is too sensitive. I don’t like the smell of stink or old leather smell. I can’t stand them. Yesterday, I saw a pair of leather plants at Goodwill, a thrift store. They were only $15. I bought them just to try them. I thought leather pants should be soft and they are impressively stiff. And they are high rise that I don’t used to it. When I smell it closely, they have a weird old leather smell. But at least they fit on me. The quality of the leather is not great but passable. The condition of them is decent. I wore them for like a minute and I took them off right away. I did not have a second thought of wearing again last night. I guess I am not a fan of leather pants. For myself, I think riding breeches or jeans are better. But I really can’t stand wearing somebody’s pants. I can wear somebody’s boots because I like them broke in for me and I would fantasy about they have wore them for a long time. So, if I really want a pair of leather pants, I will only buy a brand new pair with my aroma.

I will post some more photos of me wearing them in boots.

FYI, the leather pants I got are made by M.A.S. Leather in St. Louis. They are made of Echtes Leder.Made in Pakistan.

One response to “Would you rather wearing someone’s leather pants?”

  1. Hey Wabootboy,
    I’ve just read your report about wearing another guys leather pants. Those you tried seem to be particularly strange leather pants and your experience wasn’t that good Me myself I L O V E to wear other guys leather pants, but normally I’ve to know that guy… that excites me terrificly.
    (sorry I’m not used to write in English)
    By the way “Echtes Leder” is no brand, it is German and only does mean: genuine leather!

    Have a nice week and weekend too


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