First time: Leather pants + boots

As I promised that I will post pics of me wearing leather pants + hot boots, here they are. This is the first time I wear leather pants. The boots in the pics are Frye 12 inches Harness boots. I kind of like wearing leather pants. I like the way they cover my legs. Unfortunately, the buttons are broken and I can’t stand the vintage leather smell. I guess I will return them. But overall the leather pants are comfortable and a bit stretch which I did not expected. I might get a pair of these when I have enough money. Anyway, hope you like my pictures. I want to know which one is your favorite. Have a nice weekend.

8 responses to “First time: Leather pants + boots”

  1. I think you look even more sexy with leather pants. You just need the right ones. I have about 20 pair in all sorts of colors and love the feel of them on and the smell of new leather. Like Jesse said, get some newer, tighter ones. You got a great body for them.


  2. Love the mood of this picture! I just purchased the Frye Veronica distress leather shortie in brown. Cant wait until they arrive.


  3. What do you think of the frye campus boots? I’m thinking of getting some but keep chickening out, most people around where I live would give me a lot of abuse for it/ask me stupid questions like “why are you wearing those?” or “what is with the boots?”



    • This is your life, not their life. You have your freedom to wear whatever you want, isn’t it? Be proud of what are you wearing, don’t you like your boots. Just feel calm about it. For my opinion, I really like the tall shaft of the Frye campus boots, but the only thing I don’t like about it is the tall heels. I would go for just lower heels like harness boots. I mean, everyone is different. Wear what your feel comfortable with. Live your life and make everyday worth. Love to hear more from you, Ollie. Send me your some photos, my email is wabootboy [a]


  4. Take the leathers back. They’re not tight enough and don’t show off ur bod. U would look better with skin tight levis tucked into ur boots. I commend u for wearin your jeans inside ur boots – most guys wimp out. Walk proud dude.


  5. Not only are your boots, pants and legs really hot, but this picture is fantastic. So well done. You have a great eye for creative expression. I sure wish you were to take some pics.



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