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Posted by Cavalier (other posts) on September 02, 2010 at 22:17:20:

Since their invention, boots have always been a major piece of fashion item for the mankind.

In the old times, when slaves and farm workers had to walk barefoot in poverty, flamboyant thigh boots made a deep contrast to show the wealthiness of it’s wearers. Since wealthiness is a natural sign of power and authority, this psychological effect was adapted to military. Although it was not practical to fight, run and even to walk in them at all, the stiff over knee dragoon boots and thigh hurting knee high boots were the ultimate war and ceremony wear for high ranked officers for hundreds of years.

I believe that, the WW.2 had a big impact on the relation of boots and men. The power impression of high boots was ultimately destroyed with the helpless defeat of men in mighty boots to men in simple sneakers.. Both the winner and the loser men could not (and still in 2010, can not) dare to wear high boots in public any more. Together with the totalitarian regimes of the era, associated with the regime, tall boots lost their fashion war to sneakers too.

After 60’s tall boots has become a fashion item for women, who never had an intention of showing power or authority. On the contrary, high boots has turned out to be a sex symbol for the passive partner in the bedroom. Maybe it has become a fun game for men to conquer and tame tall boots and make them helplessly obey him in bedroom. High boots also found their place in the gay mens world where master/sub positions can be switched accordingly.

Saying all these, I admit that boots have different meanings to different people, but I believe there will be quite a lot of you who may agree on my comments .

Any remarks are welcome! Thanks for reading..

Posted by jake (other posts) on September 11, 2010 at 08:46:45:

In Reply to: Tall boots in mens world. posted by Cavalier on September 02, 2010 at 22:17:20:

I would suggest that boots, esp. tall boots, on a man are not only a symbol of power and authority but also a phallic symbol. It is possible to draw parallels between the German army “taking” a country and forcing the people into submission and a man “taking” a woman.

How often do sci-fi heroes wear boots? Is there really a need for tall boots on board the Enterprise? Or do they wear boots to indicate their status as studs? In one episode of the original Star Trek, Kirk is sitting on the edge of his bed, pulling up his tall boots, while talking with a space babe. You know that he just did it with her and if he had been lacing up a pair of dress shoes, the effect wouldn’t be the same. How that scene got past the censors I’ll never know. There is also the swashbuckler image but somehow you wonder if Han Solo, Flash Gordon, or Buck Rogers have a girl in every spaceport.

As far as the military goes, I don’t think the defeat of the Germans reduced the authority image presented by tall boots. If anything, the association of tyranny and oppressiveness with tall boots made other uniformed groups back away from wearing them. How many police departments pre-WW2 wore tall boots and stopped wearing them afterwards? Even today, there is the phrase “motorcops even scare other cops”. Side note: it could be argued that combats boots are superior in many ways to jackboots or that short boots and/or shoes are cheaper and therefore more attractive to the bean counters but…

Going back to my original hypotheses, look at when boots are popular for menswear. The sexually permissive 60s and 70s. David Cassidy wearing tall boots on the Partridge Family. Or the “Urban Cowboy” phase when super-stud John Travolta wore boots and a good number of men across the world imitated him.

And let’s face it, bootlicking is symbolic of another act. Calling a man a “bootlicker” is a more polite way of calling him something else.

On the other hand, to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a boot is just a boot 🙂

Posted by Drive Glove (other posts) on September 04, 2010 at 19:47:54:

In Reply to: Tall boots in mens world. posted by Cavalier on September 02, 2010 at 22:17:20:

I quite happily wear my full custom der dau boots in public, nothing wrong with it. Besides I am a professional rider and should always appear to be as one, always ready to ride…


Posted by tom shank (other posts) on September 03, 2010 at 13:14:55:

In Reply to: Tall boots in mens world. posted by Cavalier on September 02, 2010 at 22:17:20:


You have said a great deal about the modern public’s perception of tall Boots in an excellent and concise manner.

i have often contended that if the Nazis and other repressive regimes had not pre-empted the apparent power in the mere appearance of tall Boots, that many people would be routinely wearing them today without even a second thought.

Tall Boots are a practical matter for certain activities and professions, such as equestrian riders, cowboys, Mounted Police, motorcycle police, bikers and linemen and the like, and i am very glad that it has remained so.

As for the fashion industry, their real secret to remaining in business is to continually “re-invent the wheel”. Tall Boots are very much “IN” this year, and will be “OUT” the next year, thus compelling their customers to keep on buying the “new” things that are currently in fashion–perpetually “keeping up with the Joneses”.

For me, tall Boots are always “IN” ,and most folks who know me are accustomed to seeing me wearing them, often outside of my jeans or in breeches. Compliments on my Boots always outnumber any negative comments about a thousand to one.

i am continually astonished by how many people, men in particular, who are very much turned-on by tall Boots, and i am extremely grateful to all of the wonderful friends i have made who share my passion for them.

It’s one of life’s greatest, simplest and most harmless pleasures in my own experience.

Thank you for starting this most interesting thread.



Posted by Alex (other posts) on September 03, 2010 at 06:30:09:

In Reply to: Tall boots in mens world. posted by Cavalier on September 02, 2010 at 22:17:20:

I agree with Cavalier, but I have to say that when I wear my tall boots on the street with my pants tucked in, I realized that a lot of people look at my boots… I neved had bad comments… and a lot of men just look at my boots.. like if they were interested in boots or appreciating tall boots but may be shy to wear some…

Posted by Rich – SanMateoBootDude (other posts) on September 03, 2010 at 02:33:20:

In Reply to: Tall boots in mens world. posted by Cavalier on September 02, 2010 at 22:17:20:

Both the winner and the loser men could not (and still in 2010, can not) dare to wear high boots in public any more. Together with the totalitarian regimes of the era, associated with the regime, tall boots lost their fashion war to sneakers too.

Many, many men dare to wear their tall boots with their pants inside the boots on a daily basis. I am not the only man on the planet to do so, nor the only man in the US to do so. While I will agree it is not common, it is not so rare and unusual. For hundreds of years, men riding horses have worn their pants and breeches inside their boots without shame or disdain. In this country since the invention of the motorcycle and its adoption by police departments nationwide, male police officers on motorcycles have worn their pants inside their boots in public. While many department have lost their mounted units to budget cuts, those male officers also wore their uniform pants/breeches inside their tall boots.

There have been lots of motorcycle riders who have worn their pants inside their tall boots. I still see bikers today doing it. They are not social outcasts; they are really cool people.

In many areas where snow is prevalent in the winter, men and women still wear their pants inside their tall boots (be they leather boots or rubber boots).

For myself, I feel no shame, no anxiety, and no fear when I put my boots on, pants inside and go out and about. For the most part my experience is that others just look and seldom say anything. Where I live now in Ohio, I find many people giving me compliments on my boots. One woman asked me where I got mine, so she could get her husband a pair. Several young men who hope to attend the police academy some day, complimented me on my boots, wanted to know how to get a pair for themselves, and thanked me for having the courage to break out of the mold as they put. I thanked them and explained, there is no mold to break out from. Just be yourselves. Relax and worry less about what others think and be more concerned with making yourself happy. Wearing the pants or breeches inside the boots isn’t hurting anyone.

So, to paraphrase one of my childhood heroes in the opening credits of the show, Put you boots on, pants inside where they belong and “go boldly where no man has gone before.” The fashion “klingons” are not going to come and haul you away simply because your pants are on the inside of your boots.

Please also notice, this has nothing to do with sex, be it heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual. Wearing tall boots has as much to do with sexual orientation as does wearing denim jeans.

Your experiences WILL vary.


P.S. I did my grocery shopping the other night dressed exactly as I am in this pic. Lots of compliments on the boots, not just from guys, but from some gals too who told their guys that they “ought to get some boots like those and wear ’em like that. It’s Hot!”

Rich you are so hot!!!! I wear my boots all the time and always with the pants tucked in. I figure I pay for the tall boots becasue they are sexy so why not show them off. Lots of guys ask where I got them and some if they can borrow them. One guy said his girl friend would not sleep with him unless he was wearing my boots so I guess he sleeped alone. Once you start wearing boots all the time outside your pants it becomes part of your look. Lots of guys are turned on by boots and are just not comfortable with wearing them so I give them a little pleasure too. It is nice to be of service .

By the way, for the cooler months of the year I am always out in my English riding boots on my bike in public places. Also my overknee and dressage boots are my ultimate stage outfit for the last 15 years on stage. I always get similar cool comments and some looks of envy from both men and women 🙂 In fact, I only got one nasty comment for the last 15 years. Truly, tucking your trousers into your tall boots does not hurt anyone. I only wish more men did the same with us.

We may be afraid, Arleigh — I know I have been — but fear should not be what stops us from action. If it’s good and it’s what you want to do, then do it. I used to be petrified of wearing my jeans inside my boots in public; now I do it almost every day. I wear them this way because I feel they bring out the man in me, like the men of old as Cavalier has brought up. It helps that most of the feedback I’ve received over the years has been positive, but that’s not always been the case. As for those who have a problem with it, quite frankly I have no problem saying, “F@ck ’em”.

Boot brothers, there’s nothing wrong with fear itself or admitting to it. But then go ahead and wear your boots as you please anyway. Don’t let fear run your life.

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  1. I agree with the pro-tall boots for males, the first boot wearers , not covetous females. Watching all the 1950’s western t.v. series,the cowboy hereos wore slender, stove-pipe narrow legged pants tucked into either cowboy or tall leather equestrian boots; masculine sexuality historically now usurped by the biased, anti-male fashion industry for females , the weaker sex, the last fifty years.Marxism pemeates even the fashion industry;hypocritically, the left is saying : ” males are superior ,therefore,steal , then wear menswear to up-grade your societal statis ( imitation is the highest form of flattery ); you cross-dressing females should be ashamed by you being transvestites so readily and implying demonstratingly that females are inferior, different yes, inferior no


  2. I’ll say this: life is short and I’m tall. I look terrific in boots so I wear them when I dare. It puzzles some people; not my problem. I note that fashion fascists say men mustn’t do this. Well, fashion is what other people wear. Style is what I wear. If you love boots, join me. Pull ’em on and step out.


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