Hong Kong Traffic Cop boots

There is not many information about Hong Kong Traffic Cop boots on the internet. So I want to take a chance here to give a brief description of them. I am not an expert and I don’t have a pair myself, but I have a lot of Hong Kong Traffic cop boots pictures saved for few years. This post is in Chinese too.

香港交警靴, 好難會係網上找到關於他們的資料. 雖然我沒有一對交警靴, 而且我不是專家, 但是我會盡量把我所知的資料寫上.

1. Hong Kong Traffic cop boots were originally made by a British boots company called Frank Thomas. Made in England. They make high quality motorcycles boots and leather clothing. They are hardy find now since the cop boots now are made by Hong Kong based company. The boots made by Frank Thomas have a their “V” logo on the tabs. They are about 16 inches tall. Back zippers for easy on and off. Hard plastic ankle guard for protecting traffic cop’s ankle. Extra leather near the toe for extra protection. The sole is low thread flat sole. They are very expensive compare to the cop boots made in Hong Kong.

Frank Thomas "V" on the tab

本來香港交警靴是由一個英國公司製造 – Frank Thomas. 現在是非常難買得到, 而且價錢會很高. 一般的高度是 16 inches, 高筒及膝靴. 他們是比較貴, 但是手工和皮革的質地是比較好的. 在靴上會有他們”V”的商標. 看圖上. 靴背有拉鍊. 在踝關節部分有一片硬膠做保護作用.

2. Boots parts

3. Most Hong Kong traffic cop boots are made by hong kong shoe company in Sham Shui Po – 長沙灣步陞皮鞋公司

Address: 深水埗元洲街165號地下

Cheaper Version made by Hong kong shoe company
Better/More expensive version

Everyone can buy them from their main store. You don’t have to be a cop to buy them and you are welcome to try them on. They are less expensive than Frank Thomas. But the quality is not good as Frank Thomas. The price is about HKD$800 – 900. Comes with 2 version.One is more expensive but with more safety features, like extra leather near the toe.

現在每個市民都可以買他們, 你不一定是警察才能買他們. 而且他們歡迎你試穿. 我記得他們有2個版本. 價錢大約HKD$800 – 900. 比較貴的會有多一點的安全保障.

More photos of hong kong traffic cop boots:

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    • No, I don’t think u can get it online. It is a very local store. Indeed a very horny pair of boots I have to say!


  1. Hello WAbootboy, better late than never, I have just learnt about your blog and it was amazing. I almost stayed up all night on last two days to read each of the blog messages and comments. It is certain an thrilling experience and I got excited “from time to time” when I get into the juicy stories of the boots. I just want to say thanks because I always want a pair of HK Traffic Police Boots and you gave me great information. I bought a pair of size 41 today. I just wear them at home and eating dinner together just now. Thanks and please post more!


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