Just saw a guy wear Frye Harness boots in Safeway

I was in Safeway buying some grocery. And I saw a guy with dark blue straight cut jeans wearing a pair of Gaucho color harness boots. I can see his tall handsome shafts hiding in his jeans. I love this feeling that seeing other guys wearing them. And I felt they look hotter on him. Even I have a pair of myself, but I always feel this pair is not enough me. I like how the Frye brown leather looks so distressed. Maybe because my pair of harness boots is a size 8, so the shaft is a little bit narrower, so people can’t really see the top of the shaft when I am walking. So now the question is should I get a pair of gaucho color size 9 harness boots from Frye? They are too good looking.

3 responses to “Just saw a guy wear Frye Harness boots in Safeway”

  1. I guess when you admire hot boots worn by other people, you are just unware of how you are being admired by others. It is indeed a curious pleasure (or a pleasure induced by curiosity) to look stealthily at a pair of booted feet, wondering how high the shafts are, trying to figure out whether some folds of his jean fabric are caused by the top of his boots, or just midway along his calf, and so on. I am sure you receive your fair share of such attention and admiration, and, because you are a very young boy, all the greater the appreciation of your youthful energy and sunshine!

    Whenever the chance occurs, try to feed the eyes of the many boot-watchers in the street and in public places (such as Safeways) by showing your boots as much as possible – crossing your legs when seated, or may be stepping one foot on something that you may, or may not, step on. Show us more of your boot power and energy!!


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