Asian Guys Boots Fashion

These pictures are from an auction page in Taiwan. They are about $80 USD. Leather is PU Leather. In my opinion, they don’t have a masculine look like American boots.

4 responses to “Asian Guys Boots Fashion”

  1. I agree with Couns. I came across an ad on ebay for some other articles of clothing but a young guy wearing these boots. The lady would not tell me where to get them. I thought the model wearing them was hot and sexy wearing them. Now however, knowing they are PVC, I wouldn’t pay 2 cents as that stuff always falls apart. Thank goodness I found this blog before continuing my quest.


  2. I agree, I like a more substantial look to my boots than these. But I do like the current trend in Asia to accept men wearing boots in public. I saw a cutie wearing calf high engineer boots at Times Square and did a double take. Wish I am as brave as you to be snapping pictures.


  3. You’re right. I prefer a boot that’s more substantial than these. Dressy-looking is OK but a stiffer, strong leather and more heft and strength makes for a better boot.

    Your own taste in boots is awesome.


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