These 3 COPS GONE BAD have been selected by the CITIZEN VIGILANTES for their full PIG PILE TREATMENT.
These dangerous dudes have been knockd out cold and delivered boots first to the PIG PILE (this time we threw ’em in the back of a luxury SUV). Now a volunteer is needed to do all the heavy lifting and get the bad boys out of the boots and uniforms THEY DON’T DESERVE TO WEAR.
It took many seconds of searching, but a volunteer was finally found.

Click “read the rest” if you are 18+

Click here to get the password.

source: from the internet.

6 responses to “Video: PIG PILE”

  1. Freakin awesome. I want to volunteer too! I want to render them helpless, peel away their uniforms and tie them spread eagled! Please share more!!!!


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