Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle

Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle!

I was traveling during the Christmas break. I went to the airport two hours before to see if I can see any bootmen in Seattle. In deed, I saw lot of guys wearing boots. I think I saw like more than five guys wearing boots at the airport. I saw one guy wearing a fashionable cowboy boots with slim jeans. I saw him put them back on after the security checkpoint but I didn’t have chance to take video of it.

Walking in boots

I did not wear boots because I just want to be causal when traveling.

His Jeans

I was lucky enough to spot a guy wearing a nice pair of brown harness boots and getting in line to the security checkpoint. I followed him and I was behind him the whole five minutes and waiting for him take off his boots. He was wearing a relaxed jeans by seven I think. I think his boots is made by Durango because the top of shaft is v-shaped. And the heel is western so they must be Durango’s since Frye harness boots have a chunky heel.

I took lot of videos and photos. Here they are. Hope you like them.

The moment is coming…

Thank you! You made my day. They are really hot harness boots.

take them off

2 responses to “Fun Bootsighting at Port of Seattle”

  1. Harness and cowboy boots are the coolest looking items ever to grace men’s feet. I wear my Frye harness boots all year long. I don’t care if it’s 100 degrees outside. I’d rather have my feet a bit overheated in my boots than to ever go around in spindly sandals!


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