Studying at Starbucks with my boots on

I was studying at Starbucks with Frye harness boots on! What a day! I saw two guys wearing boots too. One was a 40 years old guy with a leather vest and a pair of Black cowboy boots crossing legs right next to me. Totally an eye candy for me and kind of detractive. The other guy was wearing vintage slim blue jeans with harness boots on too, I guess they were made by Harley Davidson because of the big silver tab on the side of the boots.
I love my Frye harness boots, they are very comfortable! I have worn them for one year! I am getting a new pair because this is kind of small for my feet. They are size 8, I am saving money to get a pair of size 9.


2 responses to “Studying at Starbucks with my boots on”

  1. About a year ago I was at a nightclub that has a strong cowboy atmosphere. The band that was playing that night was a country western band and, to my surprise, the guy playing the bass fiddle was wearing harness boots! His boots were dark brown and sure looked cool. I sure wish I had my camera that night and snapped a picture of him. It’s really a treat to see a big guy in full western garb wearing square toe harness boots. I seriously need to get myself a pair:)


  2. Hey WA Bootboy! I have a pair of harness boots if you want to upgrade to a size 9. Or we can swap whatever you want to do. The harness boots that I have are made by Xelement. If I can get your email address, I can send you the photos and additional info if you want. (You can get my email address from my Facebook page.)




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