How do you define bootboy and bootman?

Since this blog’s title is “my life as a bootboy”, defining bootboy or bootman is kind of subjective.

What do you think? How do you define bootboy and bootman?

Leave your comment down below.

I would love to read them.

3 responses to “How do you define bootboy and bootman?”

  1. Bootman, for me, is the general category applied to men who love wearing boots, collecting boots, admiring men in boots, worshiping boots, and/or fetishizing boots…the gamut.

    Bootboy may share some or all of the characteristics of a bootman. The term “boy” typically implies submissive, subservient, and/or young, ineperienced both inside and outside of the gay community.

    But they’re really just labels that may or may not have context in any given situation.

    That’s my two cents.


  2. I usually consider a bootboy to me about 35 and younger, a bootman to be 40 and older.
    But some identify themselves as they wish.

    This blogger is a HOT little bootboy that I’d love to take home with me and treat him to good home cooking and massages, along with complimenting his nice riding boots!


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