Search terms: why do i have a boot fetish?

Someone search “why do i have a boot fetish?” on google and went on my blog.

My answer: I really don’t know. But I want to share why I have a boot fetish as a young age. For my case, I had a boot fetish at a very young age. From kindergarten, I really like one of my female teacher’s 14 holes Dr.martens boots. As I growing up, I love watching my middle school math teacher’s flat zip mid calf boots, and also my tutor’s tall engineer boots. Yes! They are all female. I always dream about one day I can wear boots like them. I asked my mom to buy my boots, and she bought me a few pairs, Timberland, Dr.martens, and some engineer boots. In recess, we needed to line up to class, I was cool enough tuck my pants into my boots and walked with everyone. I did not know how I do it, but maybe I just did not know what the gender identity, I was able to anything I want which it is fun.

I always dreamed about I will go to a shoe store and buy some knee high boots and then go to cobbler and ask them to cut the heels off so I can wear them too. Do I like women’s boots? No, after I found out there is a big selection for guy’s boots. And I guess I just don’t like heels much.

As I get older, I know more about boots. The first site that show me there are some really good boots in the world is Stomperboots. I still remember the first time I went on it, it had all those cool boots, like patrol boots, engineer boots and harness boots…etc. And they had a really good picture gallery with all guys wearing boots. I was really fascinated by there is a big variety boots for guys. And I guess that is how my boot fetish has begun.

I think my boot fetish just came natural to me. When I was growing up, the first thing I look at people is what they wear. So every single time I walked in public, my mum always told me to keep my heads up. I love looking at motorcycles cop’s tall leather boots, construction worker’s tall rubber boots, or anyone with a pair of boots on. I love stalking guys in my secondary school or High school wearing boots to school. In secondary school, one guy always wearing his 8 holes Dr.martens boots to school. A few guys in my high school wore boots to school. One guy wore his mid-calf lacing boots to school and there was a guy wearing a pair of tall Demonia jungle boots with a side zip to school with a pair of black shorts. He was very hot and tall. I wish to buy a pair of them, but Demonia has stopped making them.

The other thing that I think boots are very sexy is because the shiny black leather. I just like the way it is. Shiny, long-lasting, durability, reliable, expensive, handsome. I can think tons of words to describe them. And the other thing is you can always dream and wondering about what inside a pair of boots. I guess the other reason that I started my boot fetish is because I think people with boots on are very sexy. I just love the way they look and I really want to be cool like them.

This went really long and I started to lost my main topic. But this is the beauty of writing on a blog, you can write whatever you want. I guess this is enough for tonight. Hope to write some more. (Sorry about the font is too small)

I would love to know your comments, and why do you have a boot fetish?

6 responses to “Search terms: why do i have a boot fetish?”

  1. I have had a Fetish for Rubber Boots when I was Seven Years Old, I wore the Old Sperry rubber knee high boots seen by fisherman and I was hooked. wore them for years, when i was 15 or 16 I got myself a pair of Rubber Riding Boots and wore them everyday. Wore them to School…wore them around my friends and got very few comments. But the comments i got were nice ones. some laugh abit But they were friends that knew me as the “BootBoy” because I always wore Boots. Today I still wear Rubber riding boots and think nonetheless. I seldom get stare at or any comments,but even so I enjoy wearing Boots and will continue to do so.


  2. Hi WABootboy and othet boot fetishists like myself.since I was a teenager Ive loved Black DocMartens boots 8,10,14,20 eye docs on skins.
    I have a few prs now myself, as well as a new pr chippewa high shine boots too,its great to see oyher guys here into boots like me too:)


  3. I have long had a thing for boots. Cowboy boots when I wa a kid. Over the years that has changed to Harness Boots. I just bought my third pair – Double H harness boots size 8. Love them- Love most things that are masculine.


    • Agree! I love harness boots too. They just have the masculine look. Send me some photos and I would love to upload them to my blog or you can be one of the contributor of the blog. Whichever you want. my email is wabootboy [a]

      thank you


  4. Hi, I have a Fetisch on male Boots since my childhood, too. I love to see boys and men in Cowboyboots, Bikerboots, Engineerboots and so on, but I’am always interrested in the Boots, not in the men. I Love to Wear boots, most of my Boots are from Sendra, Sancho or HarleyDavidson.
    And I Love your Site with all those Pictures!

    I would like to Know, WHY I have the Bootsfetisch, but I decide to easily enjoy it.

    Best Regards and hoping to see and to Read more from you!



  5. The first meaning of fetish on is “an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.” The second is “any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion: to make a fetish of high grades.” And the third is “in Psychology, any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.”‘

    The word, I have learned, is derived from the Portugese word feitiço meaning charm or sorcery. I love that.

    Boots, for you, me, and those like us, do have a charm, a sort of magical power of us. They conjure images and feelings that are not necessarily easily explained. They can be erotic or not.

    Historically boots were simply a practical matter to deal with war, landscape, and other other vagaries of protecting feet, andkles, legs, and body from harm. They still do today in a number of occupations.

    But, for me and most other bootmen, boots evoke feelings which we love or to which we aspire rather than fill a practical need. Cowboy and western boots evoke feelings of virility and swagger, “when men were men”. Combat boots and military boots evoke feelings of discipline and masculinity. Motorcycle boots evoke feelings of rebelliousness and independence. And so on.

    That’s my few cents worth of thought this Monday morning.


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