Rant: Just can’t get enough

Demonia 20 Knee High Combat Boots Lace Front-Side Zip-4 Strap Buckle Back-Size 8

Men, darn it! I just missed this eBay listing. They are really great! They are older stock of Demonia boots. I really like the design but could not get it now. Basically they moved their factory to China and they stopped making this style. I actually have a pair of Dr.martens 20 holes and lots of knee high boots. But I just feel like I want to get one more pair. These pair has side zippers for easy on and off. Anyway, I missed it. Hope someone will sell this pair of boots again.

One response to “Rant: Just can’t get enough”

  1. it’s really great.
    and it’s rare item??
    you can share about this in forum, maybe they can help you to find this boots..

    I wonder about your collection in your home, whoaaa, boots room.


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