Meet Trooper BROGAN. ‘LUST has volunteered him to help us create this collection of explicit and informative illustrations on just how to get a really big man naked QUICK! No messing with his uniform’s many buttons or zippers
(no, we don’t even respect Velcro.)

“Bro” is over 6 feet of no-nonsense muscle prowess (with legs like King Kong.) If you can rip/strip this booted hunk right down to his balls, dick, gun belt and boot socks , you should be able to rip & strip just about any man with confidence of complete, mutual satisfaction.

Each illustration comes complete with commentary by an expert.

Click “Continue reading »” only if you are 18+.


2 responses to “RIP & STRIP for DUMMIES”

  1. if i were you… i will use chloroform… i like see him try to get off… and then fell into the nightmare… hahaha…btw…nice instruction for dummies…


  2. oooh… you have the collection of bootlust…
    really appreciate about it..
    damn, it is GREAT hehehe..

    share your collection more heheh, really LOVE it


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